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« Ultimo post da matteoemme il Oggi alle 10:41:39 »
ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Matteo, vivo in un paesino della Lunigiana in Toscana e da pochissimo sono un felice possessore di una hornet 600 del 2000.. poco più che maggiorenne insomma..
convivo (almeno per ora!) ed sono padre di un bimbo di 7 anni.
ho sempre avuto la passione per le moto... purtroppo ho sempre dovuto far delle scelte ed a rimetterci è sempre stata la passione, ma dopo un 125 (fuso in pochissimo tempo) una vespa primavera 150 ed un paio di scooteroni (un X9, l'altro nemmeno ricordo cosa fosse) e qualche moto prestata per qualche tempo sono riuscito a comprare una bellissima ventitreenne.
bene ho un sacco di domande da farvi.. quindi ora vi saluto e a presto!
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« Ultimo post da Becher il Ieri alle 11:18:56 »
 :lamp1: buongiorno a tutti,mi chiamo Luca,posseggo una Hornet 2011,sono di Verona molto sodisfatto
In the world of Madden 24, mastering the art of passing can be the key to  Madden 24 coins victory. If you've found yourself struggling with passing accuracy and tired of throwing interceptions, you're in the right place. In this guide, we will delve into the essential techniques and strategies that will help you become a better passer in Madden 24.

Climbing the Pocket and Setting Your Feet
One of the fundamental aspects of passing in Madden 24 is climbing the pocket and setting your feet before making a throw. This is crucial for accuracy and reducing the distance between you and your receiver. In practice mode, take the time to work on this skill. Use the left joystick to inch up in the pocket and ensure your quarterback stands tall with properly set feet. Avoid drifting backward or to the side, as this will lead to sacks and inaccurate passes.

Pass Leading
Pass leading is another critical skill to develop. By using the left joystick, you can control the direction of your pass. To throw the ball away from the defender and into your receiver's hands, press the receiver's icon and move the left joystick accordingly. This can be the difference between completing a pass and allowing the defender to make a play on the ball.

Route Combinations
To excel at passing, you must learn effective route combinations. One strategy is to use formations with three receivers bunched up on one side. By putting the middle receiver on a corner route and the inside receiver on a flat route, you can create opportunities. Motion the outside receiver (e.g., B receiver) on a streak route to draw coverage and open up the corner or flat route. This is an excellent way to exploit zone defenses.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with other effective route combinations, such as verticals and mesh routes, which can help you beat different defensive coverages.

A well-timed block can make all the difference in protecting your quarterback from relentless blitzes. Use your running back to block by pressing the appropriate button (usually Y or Triangle) and selecting the running back's icon. This can buy you crucial seconds to set your feet and deliver accurate passes, especially against aggressive blitzing opponents.

Check Downs
Successful Madden players know when to take check-down passes. Don't always wait for deep routes to develop;  Buy mut 24 coins xbox instead, look for opportunities to gain four to five yards with flat routes or drag routes. These quick passes can keep your drives alive and help you avoid sacks.

Throwing the Ball Away
In situations where no receivers are open, it's better to throw the ball away than risk a sack. By clicking the right joystick, you can throw the ball away safely, even outside the pocket. This prevents intentional grounding penalties and keeps your offense in a manageable down-and-distance situation.

Skill-Based Passing
Madden 24 introduces skill-based passing, allowing for more precise control over your throws. You can adjust these settings in the game options menu. Start with "placement" or "placement and accuracy" for passing type and "far" for free-form distance. These settings offer a balance between precision and distance.

Free-form passing enables you to make precise throws by holding the left trigger, pressing the receiver's button, and using the left joystick to pass lead. Mastering this technique can help you make throws that were previously impossible with traditional mechanics.

Becoming a better passer in Madden 24 requires practice, patience, and a solid understanding of passing fundamentals. By climbing the pocket, mastering pass leading, and employing effective route combinations, you can elevate your passing game. Don't forget the importance of blocking, check-down passes, and throwing the ball away when necessary. Skill-based passing can take your skills to the next level, allowing for more precise and creative throws. With dedication and these techniques in your playbook, you'll be well on your way to dominating the competition in Madden 24.
In the ever-evolving world of gaming, where flashy spells and high-speed combat reign supreme, there exists a realm of wizards who prefer a more methodical approach. Today, we delve into the intriguing world of a particular wizard who goes by the name Red. Red's playstyle is far from conventional, opting for a "Perma slow build" that relies on Crystal Swords and the potent spell, Slow. Join us as we explore the nuances of this unusual playstyle, its surprising effectiveness, and its unique charm.

The Unconventional Gear

Red's build may not boast the flashiest or most coveted equipment, but it holds its own in its unorthodoxy. Unbeknownst to Red, he possesses padded leggings with an impressive three-strength armor penetration. Such an oversight can sometimes lead to unexpected advantages, as Red soon discovers.

The Core of the Build: Slow

The Perma slow build revolves around the spell Slow. This spell offers a substantial 40% slowing effect for 2.5 seconds, which, in the world of fast-paced gaming, can be deemed as an eternity. The goal here is clear: to lock down opponents, impairing their movement, and ensuring a gradual descent into defeat. The efficacy of Slow in this build is, quite simply, insane.

Challenges of a Slow Build

While Slow proves to be a formidable tool in Wizard's arsenal, it comes with its fair share of challenges. The most glaring issue is the lack of ranged attacks or missiles, a staple in many wizard playstyles. Red's reliance on Crystal Swords for damage output means that clearing ranged mobs can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, as we'll soon discover, Red's adaptability shines through.

Adapting to the Slow Build

Red's experience in Challenge Series videos has made him adept at handling melee encounters. While lacking the luxury of ranged attacks, Red's Crystal Sword can one-shot pots, a valuable advantage in combat. However, using this weapon can be cumbersome, slowing down his movement significantly. Red's cautious approach is essential, as wizards are particularly vulnerable in close-quarters combat.

Navigating the Goblin Caves

In the treacherous Goblin Caves, where danger lurks in every corner, Red's slow build takes on a unique role. Few wizards opt for a build centered around Slow, making his approach all the more perplexing to his foes. The goblins and rogues within the caves find themselves unable to move as Red delivers his methodical blows.

Moments of Brilliance

Red's slow build leads to some memorable moments in his journey. One instance sees him expertly dispatching a fighter and making a daring escape. The play showcases not only his skill but also the potential of the slow build in Wizard gameplay.

Unpredictability Reigns

The Goblin Caves are known for their unpredictability, and Red's encounters are no exception. His journey takes him through goblin-infested tunnels, where he must exercise caution and precision. A single misstep could lead to disaster, as seen when a trap unexpectedly drains a significant portion of his health.

The Aftermath

Red's persistence and cunning eventually lead to a substantial  Dark And Darker Gold haul of loot. While his build may not be flashy, it's undeniably effective in the right hands. He reaps the rewards of his Goblin Caves expeditions, obtaining valuable items that would make any wizard envious.

In the world of gaming, it's essential to embrace diversity in playstyles. Red's Perma slow build may seem unconventional, but it offers a fresh perspective on Wizard gameplay. Through careful use of the Slow spell and a crystal sword, Red showcases the power of patience and control. As we've witnessed, even the most seemingly unremarkable gear can hold hidden potential.

Red's journey through the Goblin Caves serves as a reminder that success can be found in unexpected places. In a cheap Darker Gold  world filled with fast-paced action, sometimes it's the slow and deliberate approach that yields the most thrilling results. So, whether you're a seasoned wizard or a newcomer to the gaming world, take a moment to appreciate the unconventional, for it may just lead to your most memorable victories.
Welcome to the FC 24 Youth Academy guide! In this article, we will explore EAFC 24 Coins  the potential of developing your own wonderkids in the world of football. The Youth Academy in career mode offers incredible opportunities to acquire high-potential players at a low cost, while also generating revenue through player sales. Utilizing the Youth Academy not only enhances your team's performance but also adds a unique and personal touch to your game save. Whether you are new to career mode or a seasoned user of the Youth Academy, this guide will provide valuable insights and tips for success.

Scouting and Hiring Scouts

To begin your journey, FC 24 provides you with a youth scout. The quality of the scout varies based on the team you choose, with higher-rated teams offering better scouts. The scout's star rating and judgment are crucial factors in finding high-quality players. Experience scouts bring back more players per monthly report, increasing your chances of finding top talent, while scouts with excellent judgment have a higher likelihood of discovering players with great potential. It is recommended to hire scouts in all three available slots, but be mindful of your club's budget. If necessary, wait for player sales to free up finances before investing in additional scouts.

Assigning Scouts and Player Types

Once you have assembled your scouting team, it's time to send them on assignments. You can choose the country, assignment duration, player type, and even the exact position of the player you want to scout. Longer assignment durations are more expensive but offer a greater chance of finding quality players. For added variation, realism, and fun, consider having two scouts on frequent assignments and one designated homegrown scout focused on players from your own country.

Player types in the Youth Academy affect the base attributes of scouted players. Defensive-minded players have enhanced defensive awareness, interceptions, standing tackle, and slide tackle attributes. Wingers possess better pace, agility, balance, and crossing abilities. Technically gifted players excel in ball control, dribbling, and passing, while playmakers emphasize vision and creativity. The attacker type focuses on finishing, but the physically strong player type stands out with its exceptional athleticism, compensating for any initial lack of natural ability.

Analyzing Monthly Reports and Potential

When the monthly reports from your scouts arrive, there is one number you should focus on: the maximum potential of each player. Aim to sign players with a maximum potential of 90 or above to ensure a high-standard academy. While not all players will reach 90 overall, their chances of reaching at least 80 are significantly higher. Keep in mind that the maximum potential is a range, so 90 serves as a good benchmark. Adjust your expectations according to a player's position, as value is influenced by positional roles. Consider having a budget slightly higher than necessary to avoid releasing players due to financial constraints.

Managing Your Youth Academy

As players are promoted from the Youth Academy, it is advisable to loan them out promptly unless they are receiving regular playing time in a successful team. The dynamic potential system, which affects a player's growth, can negatively impact players who lack consistent game time. Loaning players in lower divisions is particularly crucial, as the feature may not function optimally. Loaning players on the fringe of your squad helps preserve their original potential.

Development plans allow you to fine-tune a player's attributes. Physically strong players excel in this area, as their well-rounded stat spread reduces the time required to learn a new position. Additionally, hiring better coaches and managing their positions can enhance players' growth rates. Focus on positions that align with your team's needs to optimize player development.

The PC Advantage

If you have access to the PC version of the game, consider utilizing third-party software to enhance your career mode experience further. PC versions offer the ability to control dynamic potential, add play styles permanently to players, and enjoy a range of other enhancements. These features elevate the enjoyment of career mode and make it ten times more immersive.

By leveraging the FC 24 Youth Academy, you can unlock the potential of developing your own wonderkids. The Youth cheap FC 24 Coins  Academy provides cost-effective access to high-potential players while adding depth and uniqueness to your game save. Through effective scouting, careful player selection, and strategic management, you can build a conveyor belt of talent that consistently produces the next big stars. Keep exploring and experimenting, and don't hesitate to share your fantastic player discoveries and challenges in the comments section. Cheers for watching and take care!
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« Ultimo post da Cfighterd il 16 09 2023, 19:04:19 »
Ciao a tutti,
Sono Danilo, ex karateca, infermiere, papà di una bellissima bambina e proprietario di una fantastica Honda Hornet 600 del 2004. Meridionale, vivo in provincia di Modena :-)
Appassionato di moto dopo il quarto di secolo, mi piace anche fare personalmente la manutenzione più blanda...per il resto cosa dire...a presto! :ciao:
Conosciamoci / ilPoretti provincia di Varese
« Ultimo post da ilporetti il 14 09 2023, 22:05:51 »
Ciao a tutti ragazzi,

Sono il PORETTI dalla provincia di Varese! Da anni sogno di personalizzare una Honda hornet a cafe racer ed ho deciso che è giunto il momento di acquistarne una per cimentarmi in questo mio grande sogno, sperando di averne il tempo è sopratutto le capacità!

Ho già trovato qualche spunto e diversi topic a rigurado per cui ho deciso di iscrivermi in quatta grande community!

Conosciamoci / Ciao a tutti
« Ultimo post da BmXSeR il 08 09 2023, 11:33:40 »
Proprietario di una Honda hornet 900 del 2002  :lamps7:
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« Ultimo post da Sebbyblus il 14 08 2023, 12:16:55 »
Un saluto a tutti, è il primo post sto cercando di capire come funziona il Forum,  non sono un gran smanettone.
Ciao a tutti, sto avendo uno strano problema con la moto (Honda Hornet 600 del 2004) che ho da due anni.
Dopo molti mesi in cui è stata ferma, l'ho portata a fare un giro di un'oretta una settimana fa: la prima metà del giro è andato tutto bene, mentre alla ripartenza per il ritorno ha dato questo problema.

Praticamente, finché ho la leva della frizione anche solo leggermente tirata, la moto tira normalmente, nel momento in cui rilascio la leva del tutto è come se smettesse di "tirare" improvvisamente. Se sono in discesa, la moto resta accesa ma dandomi l'impressione che non carburi, non tira minimamente anche se accelero, inoltre appena tiro leggermente la leva della frizione si sente uno scoppio e la moto riprende a "tirare".

Se non sono in discesa o comunque non in velocità, appena rilascio la frizione la moto muore.

Pensavo a qualche problema di carburazione, ma la cosa strana è che lo riscontro solamente al rilascio completo della frizione...
Avete idea di cosa possa essere? Grazie!
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