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Meccanica\Manutenzione / Minima che rimane alta
« Ultimo post da barrux il 29 11 2023, 22:37:35 »
Ciao a tutti, ho appena acquistato una Honda Hornet del 2006 a carburatori, con 38000 km. Ho subito riscontrato un problema, praticamente la moto sembra accendersi bene anche senz'aria tirata, però dopo un paio di sgasate sembra che non ritorni al minimo e resta sui 2500/3000 giri.
Ogni sgasata che faccio (anche a moto calda, la temperatura segna sui 65°) sembra come se rimanesse sempre più alta di giri e non tornasse più al minimo dei 1200. Se apro anche leggermente l'aria questa ritorna sui 1200/1300 giri, mentre se la vado a richiudere completamente i giri risalgono sui 2400/2800.
Per darvi un esempio un pò più pratico:
1) Accendo la moto, resta sul minimo dei 1200/1300 giri;
2) lascio scaldare e chiudo tutta l'aria;
3) Prima sgasata il motore non scende sotto i 2000;
4) Seconda sgasata il motore non scende sotto i 2500;
5) Terza sgasasa, il motore non scende più sotto i 3000;
6) Da qui in poi sembrerebbe rimanere sui 3000 giri di minima, si abbassa solo se riapro leggermente l'aria, se la dovessi richiudere i giri risalgono fino ai 3000;
Mi chiedo se sia un problema di carburazione o ci sia altro da approfondire.
Grazie in anticipo a chi mi dovesse rispondere, la moto ha 6 mesi di garanzia (l'ho comprata da un concessionario) e devo dire che il problema si è presentato 2/3 volte su 5/6 accensioni. Il filo dell'acceleratore scorre bene e non resta inceppato.
Conosciamoci / Ciao a tutti
« Ultimo post da barrux il 29 11 2023, 22:29:48 »
Ciao a tutti!
Mi chiamo Riccardo, ho un Honda Hornet del 2006.
Conosciamoci / Ciao a tutti
« Ultimo post da ViperStrike il 26 11 2023, 05:46:27 »
Ciao a tutti .
Mi chiamo Moses , e anch’io ho un Honda Hornet , del 2007.
Un saluto
Conosciamoci / Ciao a tutti
« Ultimo post da Simornet44 il 18 11 2023, 15:57:32 »
Ciao a tutti sono Simone, sono un neofita e ho da poco acquistato una hornet 600 del 2006.
Spero ma ne sono certo di trovare qui le risposte ai miei mille dubbi e magari trovare anche compagnia per qualche uscita.
Ora sto prendendo confidenza con la moto poi in primavera io e la mia zavorrina (Ele) non vediamo l’ora di fare le prime uscite serie. Vivo a Roma ma l’estate alternerò Puglia e Sardegna (spero di riuscire a farle entrambe in moto) :ciao:
Conosciamoci / MB&F Horological Machines HM11
« Ultimo post da aolye il 16 11 2023, 08:40:45 »

Introducing the new MB&F HM11 Architect with swivel box

Another ingenious design by the mechanical master. replica MB&F HM11 Watches

Three years after the launch of the HM10 Bulldog, independent watchmaker MB&F finally launches its latest creation, the HM11 Architect. True to the brand’s playful and original signature style, the HM11 features an architecturally inspired case with a central flying tourbillon and four arms, each with a vertical display or crown.

house built by machine
Sixteen years after launching its first horological machine, MB&F still manages to preserve and convey its original spirit of creating watches based on innovative elements: cool and interesting cases as well as clever movement designs that transform simple watch functions into captivating display.

This is never more evident than in the HM11 Architect, which boasts an impressive case and display, proving once again that watches can be as incredibly creative as futuristic machines. The case is built around the concept of a house, with four symmetrical rooms and a domed roof made of sapphire crystal.nice watches shop

It goes without saying that this case makes a bold statement on the wrist as there is nothing like it on the market. Despite this, the case diameter is only 42 mm, making it small compared to many earlier watches. That's good news because it's still eye-catching, but now can be worn on more wrists.

Ozone blue or solar red gold
The HM11 Architect is available in two styles, both with titanium cases and different colors for the dials, or more precisely, the movement bridges. The first watch features an electric blue hue, which the brand aptly named “Ozone Blue,” while the second features a “Salmon” dial, which the brand describes as capturing “the warm solar tones of red gold.” ".

vertical display
Then there’s the movement, which is simple but undeniably smart. It is consistent with the architectural theme of the case, with a symmetrical bridge of horizontal movement shaped like an arch, forming a quatrefoil when viewed from above. In addition, four vertically inclined bridges gradually rise from the edge of the box towards the center, further highlighting the architectural theme. replica Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Delving deeper into the nuances of the movement, both the barrel and the tourbillon take center stage. It’s worth noting that the display is arranged differently than a traditional dial. They undergo a transition from horizontal to vertical positioning and are housed in peripheral "rooms".

The use of vertical displays is a nod to the HM4 launched in 2010. The display at six o'clock shows the hours and minutes, and there is a power reserve indicator at nine o'clock. In addition, the crown at three o'clock can be used to set the time. buy watch replica

The display at 12 o'clock is an old-fashioned bimetallic thermometer based on a temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius. The thermometer's display looks cool because of the visible strips in the background, but it's a separate component and not part of the movement. While some may view it as an afterthought, filling an otherwise empty space, it certainly completes the overall design of the watch.

It is worth noting that winding the watch is not done through the crown at three o'clock, but by rotating the entire case. MB&F says that 10 turns of the case is enough to wind the central barrel, powering the replica watches for sale for 96 hours, or four full days.

The incorporation of a central manual winding is a clever idea for two reasons: first, the user has to rotate the case to see the vertical displays on the different sides, and in doing so, it folds up and winds the movement. The second reason is that winding the watch using the case is more practical than using the crown because it is easier to grip and turn.

MB&F HM11 Architect's Spec
Movement: HM11; manual winding; 96 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, power reserve indicator and thermometer
Case: 42 mm x 23 mm; titanium; water resistant to 20 m
Strap: white rubber strap for the blue model, green rubber strap for the “red gold” model

replica Jacob & Co. astronomia

Conosciamoci / Salve a tutti
« Ultimo post da jitt il 15 11 2023, 17:35:15 »
Ciao a tutti non sapevo di questo forum sulla Hornet ho cercato forum hornet su google dopo un suggerimento di un amico. Possedevo una hornet nel lontano 2003 poi venduta.Da qualche mese ne sto' cercando vercando una.Quindi approfitto di questa presentazione per chiedere in quale sezine del forum posso prendere contatti per acquistarne una. Grazie.
Are you tired of the same old generic ringtones on your mobile phone? Do you want to stand out and express your unique style? Well, look no further! In this post, we'll explore the exciting world of personalized creativity and show you how to craft your very own unique ringtones.

Why Personalized Ringtones?
Express Yourself: Your choice of dzwonki na telefon can be a reflection of your personality, interests, and style. Whether you're into music, quotes, or funny sounds, creating your own ringtone allows you to express yourself in a way that's truly unique.

Distinctive Identification: Ever been in a crowded place, and everyone's phone rings at the same time? With a personalized ringtone, you'll always know when it's your phone that's ringing. It's a fun and practical way to stand out in a crowd.

How to Create Your Own Unique Ringtones:
1. Choose Your Style:
Start by deciding the mood and style you want for your ringtone. Whether it's a snippet from your favorite song, a memorable movie quote, or a sound effect that makes you smile, the options are endless.

2. Gather Your Materials:
Collect the audio files you want to use for your ringtone. Make sure they are in a compatible format for your phone.

3. Use Online Tools or Apps:
There are various online tools and mobile apps available that make the process of creating custom ringtones a breeze. They often allow you to trim, edit, and customize your chosen audio files.

4. Follow Step-by-Step Guides:
Many websites and forums offer step-by-step guides on creating personalized ringtones. These guides can be incredibly helpful, especially if you're new to the process.

5. Experiment and Have Fun:
Don't be afraid to experiment with different sounds and combinations. Creating your own ringtone is a creative process, so let your imagination run wild!

Share Your Creations!
Once you've crafted your unique ringtones, why not share them with the community? You might inspire others to get creative with their own phone sounds.

So, dive into the world of personalized creativity and make your phone uniquely yours! Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or even your favorite self-made ringtones in the comments below.
Conosciamoci / Customizing Your Android Ringtone
« Ultimo post da csabawa il 09 11 2023, 04:47:07 »
Customizing Your Android Ringtone
If the built-in dzwonki na telefon za darmo don't quite match your style, you can easily customize your Android ringtone with your favorite song or sound. Here's how:

Using a Song from Your Music Library
Open the "Music" app on your Android device.
Find and select the song you want to use as a ringtone.
Tap the three-dot menu icon and choose "Set as ringtone."
Your selected song is now your new ringtone.

Creating Your Own Ringtone
If you want to create a custom ringtone, follow these steps:

Download a ringtone maker app from the Google Play Store.
Open the app and select the audio file you want to use.
Edit the audio file to your liking, adjusting the start and end points.
Save the edited audio file as a ringtone.
Now, your unique creation can be set as your Android ringtone.
Conosciamoci / Ciao a tutti!
« Ultimo post da HugoF il 07 11 2023, 06:50:05 »
Ciao a tutti,
a breve entrerò anche io nel mondo Hornet in quanto proprio ieri ho concluso l'acquisto di una belva del 2009 con abs.
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I found the great website which has lots of free audiobooks for children. It's amazing how easy it is to access such resources these days. The kids love to listen and I love that they learn while doing it.

If you are also looking to entertain your children while promoting their learning, check out these free audiobooks. Your kids will love it, and so will you.
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